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Press Release

The Nation’s Pride Initiative (TNPI) is glad to inform Nigerians and Imo state indigenes about her policies and programs aimed at fighting and eradicating corruption in Nigeria to a low level and inculcating the spirit of unity amongst Nigerian youths.

We realized that one of the major factors impeding our dear country from witnessing steady economic growth and development is the perceived indulgent in corruption by officials that occupy both public and private positions. Thus, corruption has made things very stressful and difficult and the reality of good governance a mirage.
In a layman view, corruption means dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery. It is a dishonest action that destroys people’s trust. According to Transparency International, “it is the abused of entrusted power for private gain or benefit”. Corruption is a canker worm cum parasite that has eaten deep into the fabrics of our nation and efforts must be made to bring it to halt. Nigerians have seen different cases of corruption and approaches employed by anti-graft agency like the EFCC, towards bringing the culprits (individuals involved) to justice. An action widely supported by The Nation’s Pride Initiative (TNPI). Nigeria has been flattered to be a system that now rests solely on corruption. It is a trite saying that corruption has completely overwhelmed the country as no day passes without stories of mind boggling of corruption reported in all the sectors of the country’s governance, which according to members of the society, poses serious threat to the nation’s economy. It is one long and endless story of bizarre stealing, looting and corruption, which has come to define the face of Nigerian government today.

 In view of this, having had a glimpse of this impeding economic and political waterloo, a quick-fix approach programs was initiated recently in different local government areas in Imo State by The Nations Pride Initiative (TNPI) to sensitize Imo youths and Nigerians towards understanding the facts that corruption corrodes the fabric of society and undermines people’s trust in political and economic systems, institutions and leaders.

 The Nation’s Pride Initiative recognizes the sundry problems bedeviling our nation today which include food insecurity, devaluation of Naira, inflation, unemployment, failing national infrastructure, restiveness in some regions, general insecurity, and corruption, among others.
The Nation’s Pride Initiative (TNPI) has launched a “Youths Against Corruption Campaign”, which is “designed to encourage greater youths in different communities involvement and participation in the fight against corruption and promote citizens’ access to basic necessities of life.  Perhaps, to inform Imo Youths that Imo state is not a mountain of fraud and a cesspool of corruption.  Administering the benefits of eradicating corruption in the minds of youths and making it dominant can be perceived to be an avenue towards producing leaders of tomorrow who are willing to provide the dividends of democracy to Nigerians without fear or favor.

The local government areas where The Nation’s Pride Initiative (TNPI) has held her anti-corruption programs include:
1. Mbaitolu LGA
2. Owerri North LGA
3. Ideato North LGA
4. Ngor-Okpala LGA
5. Owerri Municipal
The Nation’s Pride Initiative took her anti-corruption programs to local government areas in Imo State because local residents are not sufficiently informed about anti-corruption laws, standards and mechanisms that would strengthen their hands to demand accountability from their local government administration. This is because of the general apathy, and low citizens’ participation in the fight against corruption. The implementation of the programs would help motivate and encourage youths and local citizens to use existing anti-corruption laws, standards and institutions.
The programs  also aims to empower and encourage citizens at the local government level to initiate actions on their own to tackle corruption which directly obstruct delivery of public services such as health, education and other utilities to local residents. The program also aims to address the continuing exclusion of the youths and other marginalized Imolites or their lack of participation in their own governance. However, The Nation’s Pride Initiative (TNPI) recognized the fact that corruption impacts societies in a multitude of ways. In the worst cases, it costs lives. Short of this, it cost people their freedom. Economically, corruption depletes national wealth and deters invest. It is a major obstacle to democracy and the rule of law. It is extremely challenging to develop accountable political leadership in a corrupt climate, and that is one of the reasons behind The Nation’s Pride Initiative mobilization in different local government in Imo State.

It is remarkable to appreciate how much these programs has impacted and transformed Imo State youths. In the words of youths that participated in the program, they advised that “addressing corruption at the local government level is critical to comprehensively tackling the endemic and ensuring effective management of Nigeria’s natural resources”. This is to say that Imo youths and Nigerians are happy with this development in the state.

In conclusion, The Nation’s Pride Initiative believes that through education, advocacy and awareness raising; training; capacity building and provision of legal advice and services. The Nation’s Pride Initiative (TNPI) will work with youths, local residents and other state holders in all the local government areas in Imo State to encourage the integration of communities into the fight against corruption. The program is expected to extend to more local government areas across the country in the future. A low level corruption is the only pre-requisite through which good governance could thrive, bringing about other correlates of democratic dividends such as economic development, progress etc. Therefore, all hands must be on deck to fight corruption which will help promote good governance.

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