Imo Musician "Sauw Blaze" Cries Out

I am tired of this Country. She has lost leadership and direction. All we have in various leadership positions are mediocres and thieves who care not about the masses.

The most annoying thing is that the government still shamelessly attribute their inability to perform to the past administration after almost One and a half years of take over.

It is really paining and affecting me badly. Ngwa, negodim!! Negodim!!

Less than two months to my album launch having a budget of less than 2million yet not even one sponsor has been gotten. All of them are complaining of the hardship and economic recession. They say that the government is frustrating their legitimate businesses through their ineffective policies and lack of expertise to drive the economy. Even individuals that could have easily funded the budget are no longer reachable because all of them are hiding. The bad economy is affecting them too that's why dey are hiding.

What kind of economic team do we have in this country. Negodi!!! Is it fair? Is it fair how the government is trying to push us into crime? Me and my likes. People who has refused to earn a living through crooked means. Me and my likes have vehemently resisted the temptation to illegality and crime yet that Noble thing we opt for is not been encouraged. It is becoming as if sincerity, honesty and hard work no longer pay.

Negodim!!!! Just negodim!!!! After spending over 500k for a project, launching is now a problem. 500k of my hard earned money and a fraction of gift.. 500k that would have made me look fly, groove to infinity but I choose to be productive yet the economic environment is not supporting my craft . Negodim!!!

With a very good proposal, well lettered yet nfaa si na ego adiro. Negodim!!! Less than two months but I haven't started Publicity because the funds are not there. Kam'njukele, is it a crime to chose a positive life? Is it a crime to seek for support?? Is begging not better than stealing? Do you think any man would intentional desire to beg?? Negodim!!!!

I have watched and given the President Buhari led government time and benefit of doubt just because of two people I respect so much even against history (1984-1985) but my hope is obviously futile. Condition is getting worse, economy harsh, government harsh, security toothless, support to creativity is alien, hardship rising, crime upsurging, insecurity becoming the new normal, just Negodu!!!

It is really tiring. How do we come out of this mess? How did we even got into
the mess? Who shall deliver us from this bewitchment? Negodim!!!!

Blame blame blame!!! Will that fix the problem? Appointing incompetent people into key offices, does that tell good of the nearest future? Nepotism, favoritism, tribalism and partisanship thriving over competence, expertise and character, gi'a asi m'okwula okwu.

Negodim!!!! How many times will I shift the album launch just because I can't get a sponsor? For your information, my Owerri launch is billed to hold at the prestigious Concord Hotel but the date I won't say for now. All I know is that October won't pass by without the launch, by the special grace of God..

Timi Dakolo and 2baba should be expecting my call but how do I tell them of the shift?? Negodim!!!!  Aga'ere akwa mpuru ihem we'e me ihe m'choro ime? Just Negodu!!!!

Olisa kere Uwa, Biko bia mere onweghi agha..


Ka anyi n'eme..




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